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Wet Hands, Paper Towels, And Votes . . .

By Jeremy Gulley As I stood at in the bathroom of Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, the urgency of the upcoming election became unavoidably clear to me. This year there are many important issues being discussed by politicians, news writers, and everyone who has the ability to project an opinion: gun control, health-care reform, the [...]

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Staying In the Game

Beth at the end of her first ultra-marathon

By Jeremy Gulley Running is an addiction. For me, however, running is more fun when I worry less about my personal times and focus instead on supporting other people. Don’t get me wrong, I love to train hard and push myself to go longer distances and at faster times, but I think when we do [...]

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Learning A Lesson From History

By Jeremy Gulley As a teacher, I am often humbled by my own assignments. This summer, my Composition II class is spending time at the Miami County Historical Museum. Their assignment is to find something interesting about Miami County and write about it. I asked them to find a new angle if possible, and then [...]

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By Beth Gulley Going to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, eating fried chicken with family, and swimming at the lake, these are all 4th of July week traditions people enjoy. My own family engaged in several of our favorite traditions this week, too. We rented a car, drove to St. Charles, Missouri, and [...]

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Take A Risk

By Jeremy Gulley For the last ten years, a friend of mine has been working with his dad on a twin engine plane. They have rebuilt, painted, fixed, and tweaked it, going through ups and downs, good days and bad days, but did it all together. This week, they took it up in the air [...]

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