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Sign on the Road

It’s hard to think deeply about someone you’ve never met But these flowers and that cross make me pause Was it your fault or the road’s? Perhaps you were angry with your boyfriend And sped away absentmindedly, the curve sneaking up on you Or perhaps it was late And you were on your way home [...]

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My Mountain


If a 400lb man can climb 2000 vertical feet in 4 hours, what kind of unnecessary limitations can you overcome? A year ago I got this brilliant idea to hike a 14er in Colorado with my best friend, his family, and mine. A 14er is a mountain that reaches 14,000ft in elevation or more. Last [...]

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A Note on Love and Chic-fil-a

By Jeremy Gulley When the cop arrived at My Father’s House, a homeless shelter in Paola where I volunteer, I was shocked to find out he was there for me. What unfolded afterwards was equally surprising. See, I was negatively profiled this week. On Monday I paid for my gas at the pump at a station [...]

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