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FSCC iPad Technology

Kevin Gray   When people think of the iPad, they seldom think about a multitude of classroom uses. Or library uses. Or museum uses. Most people think iPads, and they immediately see individuals in coffee shops hunched over or leaning back in a relaxed fashion reading.   But picture a small scale technology easily used [...]

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Arthur Shufflebarger Passing

Large2792Shufflebarger, Arthur1 copy

Kevin Gray   On a trip to Wichita last Friday with Diane’s parents to spend the day visiting family, the mother-daughter conversation had covered the “what’s going on “ norm on the drive from Atchison, but nearing Nortonville, Diane’s mom asked, “Have you heard? Arthur Shufflebarger died. He was 60.”   The minute I heard [...]

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Why Osawatomie? This Is Where It Started!

Where Osawatomie High School stands, John Brown Memorial Park spreads out around the John Brown Cabin and Museum Historical Site, and a battle once raged between Free Staters and Pro Slavers on Aug. 30, 1856, history has come full circle. On Aug. 31, 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt spoke to an audience of 30,000 in his [...]

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Lost Behind the Chains

What a new world I found – me the suburban kid – when my parents first brought me to Kansas State College of Pittsburg in 1971. No more colonial influenced red-brick ranches or split levels, no more strip malls and fast-food chain restaurants on every single corner. Something entirely different hit me, the Virginia kid, [...]

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Kansas Legislative War of 1893

“The strained situation in Topeka suggests a new use for Kansas Avenue; too wide for a street and hardly wide enough for a cornfield, it would make a fairly roomy battlefield for the close and disparate fighting to which the Republicans and Populists will doubtless indulge if they ever get at it.” If you think [...]

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The Fiction In His Letters

When researching my recent story, Diehms Trace History to Bleeding Kansas,” about two German immigrant brothers and the log cabins they both built near Middle Creek south of Beagle in May 1857, I kept getting off track. I continually googled sites about Bleeding Kansas and reading about the border warfare in Kansas and Missouri. This [...]

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Preserve Old Diehm

I don’t know about folks sitting around drinking coffee in Linn County locations but discussion of the Christine Staten story about the log cabin – she calls “Old Diehm” – went the rounds at Gary Furnish’s donut shop in Paola. This amazingly solid and impressive structure serves as a reminder to what it took to [...]

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Workshop Leads To Interesting Stories

I never know what my Memory To Memoir Workshop will bring me. Last summer, two different women shared tragic family stories. By summer’s end, I left them with a plan, well some direction at least, that they can continue to follow as they research and write. This summer, another woman brought a set of stories [...]

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Ghosts of the St. James Hotel

Little did I realize when I arrived at Philmont Scout Ranch in 1967, but just a few short miles away in Cimarron, N.M., stood a spirited hotel. Not exactly like the Stanley Hotel used in The Shining, but haunted, very haunted “they say” in its own way. Our Gray Lines (the actual company name) bus [...]

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Robin Hood In Reverse

You may not agree with him in general, but if you haven’t been watching the Ed Shultz show on MSNBC, you should. Schultz speaks straight about the dismantling of the American middle class, lowered spending on America’s Main Street, and about those of us who are finding it harder to shop there. “Wall Street’s going [...]

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