Honesty Is The Best Policy

Once upon a time there was a woman named Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. Nelson and her family had recently moved to a new community and began attending a small church. When the church decided to have a bake sale for a fundraiser, Mrs. Nelson eagerly signed up, hoping to make a name for herself in the church by impressing them with her culinary skills.

On the day before the bake sale was to be held, Mrs. Nelson realized, in horror, that not only had she not baked anything, but there was no way she would be able to before the deadline.

Thinking quickly, she grabbed a large roll of toilet paper, put it in a small dish and covered it with icing. The end result was stunning – the toilet paper cake looked just like a regular cake, maybe even better. The shape was perfect, the size just right, and the icing held the paper to form a spectacular image.

Mrs. Nelson walked her cake to the church and submitted it with pride.

Then she rushed home, gave her daughter money and instructed her to go to the church as soon as the bake sale opened and buy the toilet paper cake.

This seemed like a great plan, except that when Mrs. Nelson’s daughter arrived at the church, the cake in question was already sold. Mrs. Nelson was horrified, and knew that she needed to confess before she was branded a fraud.

To celebrate the sale, several members of the church, including Mrs. Nelson and her family, were invited to dinner at the home of Mrs. Banks, the bake sale coordinator. Mrs. Nelson decided to confess to Mrs. Banks at dinner, and take whatever humiliation came her way.

During the meal, Mrs. Nelson waited for an opportunity to speak to Mrs. Banks, but was unable to find time to confess. She waited anxiously through dinner, then became horrified when, for dessert, Mrs. Banks brought to the table the fraudulent  toilet paper cake Mrs. Nelson gave to the bake sale.

Mrs. Nelson knew she had been had. She opened her mouth to confess when one of the other guests spoke first. “That is a beautiful cake,” said the guest to Mrs. Banks, “it is absolutely stunning and looks delicious.”

“Thank you,” replied Mrs. Banks as Mrs. Nelson looked on, “I made it myself just today. I know you’ll love it.”

Mrs. Nelson sat back and enjoyed the spectacle that ensued.

Honesty is the best policy – unless you can be patient and wait for a bigger liar to let you off the hook.


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