Cub Scouts Enjoy Day Camp In Paola

“No running, no talking or horseplay…listen to what I say, and I will tell you what to do,” said Osawatomie City Council member Lawrence Dickinson in his role as BB rifle firing range master at the 2011 Twin Rivers Cub Scout District Day Camp in Paola June 7.

And as Osawatomie Cub Scout Pack 3099 sat quietly and squirmed very little, Dickinson talked to the day campers about safety and how to fire a rifle.

Wasting no time, Dickinson told the boys that this was his range and they would follow his rules. “BB rifles are not real rifles, but, if not used properly, you can injure yourself or others. Do not point a gun or rifle at anyone at any time,” Dickinson said.

After reminding the Cub Scouts how they should always treat a fire arm, as if it is always loaded, he asked, “Who uses guns?” Boys were quick to answer, “Law enforcement people, hunters.”

Pack members knew the proper responses to his question, “What do you do if a friend shows you a gun or you find one?” Responses included, “Leave it alone,” “Don’t touch it,” “Go get an adult,” “Call the police.” Dickinson said, “If you find a gun in a ditch, the best thing to do is call 911, the police, because it could have been used in a crime.”

Before going to the firing range, he talked about proper storage of guns. “Guns should be kept locked and in one place, while the bullets should be locked up in a separate location. What if a gun was sitting around and the ammunition nearby? Couldn’t a small child load that gun?”

The pack spent Monday through Thursday last week, said Christy Paden, participating in activities, such as archery, human foosball, training like an astronaut, playing kickball, fishing, orienteering and learning about patriotic symbols. “The boys even took second place for their campsite decorations, that being a medieval castle,” Paden said.

After firing BB rifles, the boys, said Paden, would move on to learn a little about Shakespeare, or about roll playing, telling jokes, making up stories and playing them out.


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