Coffee, Coffee For You

I had so much fun challenging myself to tour a historic site each week this summer that I thought I would take on a new challenge this fall.  I am going on the hunt for great cups of coffee that come with interesting stories.  In fact, I already had a great cup of coffee and a story.  Saturday night I strolled around the Paola Park Square listening to the ladies’ trio from the Osawatomie Southern Baptist Church.  The crisp air led me to search for a warm drink.  Luckily, the art gallery on the south east side of the square had its open sign illuminated and its door open.

When I got inside, I got in line behind what looked like a man and his children.  It turned out to be a man who ordered two icy espresso drinks and two children who were not together.  For those of you who have never visited the gallery, it recently changed hands.  The new owner spoke kindly to the customers, and she did her very best to accommodate all of the drink requests.  She is new to making coffee, and the church trio brought many more people to the square than most of the other Saturday night musical acts, so it took her awhile to make all of the drinks.

Selfishly, I thought “I just want a black cup of coffee.  I’m going to ask this little boy in front of me if he minds if I go ahead of him.  I am so tired of waiting.”  But before I could speak up the gallery owner started to serve him.  “I just want a cup of coffee, light and sweet,” he said. “I need to brew a new pot,” she said.  Just then the boy’s brother came in to check on him.  “What is taking you so long?” he asked.  “Well, I was second, but all these grown-ups kept cutting in front of me,” he replied.

So in those few seconds, I learned the little boy didn’t want a complicated drink, that the coffee still needed to brew, and that the little boy had been pushed around already.  I realized I needed to thank the gallery owner for saving me from my own selfishness.  If I had gone ahead of the little boy, I wouldn’t have gotten my coffee any faster, and I would have just added to the stream of adults who thought they were more important than he was.

By the way, the coffee was delicious.  Plus the gallery owner gave it to me for free.  I think she felt bad about the wait. But I think the wait was worth it.  I’m just excited that there is a real coffeehouse open at night in Miami County.


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