Airport Coffee

By Beth Gulley

When I was ten I flew in an airplane for the first time. I had never been in an airport before that day. When I was eleven, I experienced another airport related first. My family took someone to the catch a plane early in the morning, and we got to eat breakfast in the airport. I could see planes landing and taking off from the window, and my mother let me order French fries for breakfast. My romance with eating in airports must have started that day.

It continued in my teen years. I lived in a medium sized city, and my friends and I would take the bus out to the airport when we were bored. Inside the airport we would people watch and goof around. Then we would go out on the roof and watch the planes come in, or try to win at “first person to see a star in the sky.” Of course, before we took the long bus ride back into town, we had to at least get a coke in the airport restaurant.

So when I moved to Miami County, I really had it made. Someone put a perfectly good restaurant in the airport. In fact, people fly in just to eat breakfast on Saturday morning. Instead of flying, I drove to the airport after my Saturday morning run on the Flint Hills Nature Trail. Even so, I got to watch at least two planes take off while I drank my “just finished running” coffee.

Those of you who have been following my column knew this would lead to coffee eventually. And yes, they bring piping hot coffee to the table at We Be Smokin Barbeque at the airport. The waitress, who is quick with a funny comment, will refill your cup as often as you need her to. In fact, she will even bring a to-go cup, so you can take their coffee with you in your car or airplane.

I do have a few words of caution for anyone who is uninitiated into the world of breakfast at We Be Smokin. First, get there early if you want to eat biscuits and gravy, or they may run out of biscuits before you get there. If you do get there in time though, you can have biscuits instead of toast. Secondly, if you have a small appetite, then don’t order the short stack of pancakes. The three pancakes make a stack that is bigger than my head. And of course, a side order of bacon is the perfect addition to any cup of coffee.

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