Rotary Club Moving Forward With Beach Project

By Jeff Gulley

The Osawatomie Rotary Club presented a conceptual drawing the Osawatomie city council Thursday night that included a swimming area at the city lake, a picnic area and beach volleyball courts.

Dan Macek spoke on behalf of the Rotary Club and said the group is looking for a project to put its stamp on.

“The biggest thing we wanted to do is find a project that when someone asks what we do, we can say we take care of the lake area,” he said.

Macek asked the city to consider an ordinance that would lift the ban on swimming at the lake.

“We’re hoping that this is the first of several projects at a very underutilized asset in our community,” he said. “So really all were asking for is your support.”

Councilmember Tamara Maichel asked if  fishing hooks caught under the water would be a problem. Macek said the swimming area would be excavated and filled with sand.

He also said the club would budget and raise funds for future maintenance of the beach area. Macek estimated that it will take a couple hundred tons of new sand every few years.

Councilmember Mark Govea said there would be a meeting on Monday with Johnson County Parks and Recreation officials that would help them with the details of planning the project.


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