Osawatomie High School Language Arts in 1987

Osawatomie High School’s Language Arts teachers work hard to teach  students the basics and beyond of language, literature and communications. Red White and You, the 1987 Osawatomie High School annual, reported “Nouns, appositives and verbal’s, they all come flowing from text books through kindergarten to 12th grade. They abound in the language and literature classes in OHS. Along with figures of speech, creative writing is exercised in the classrooms of Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Seemann.”

Literature classes offer a window into different cultural expressions, and the Osawatomie High School College Preparatory English Class took a field trip to the Renaissance Festival. Red White and You reported, “College Prep visited the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this year. They visited to learn the culture and mannerisms of people in the Renaissance era.” Osawatomie High Schools Language Arts curriculum offered instruction in the Spanish Language, which worked not only to learn a new language, but also about the rich Latino culture in the world. Red White and You reported, “Spanish is the only foreign language offered at OHS. Miss Shirck makes her Spanish classes interesting with skits, films and her own personality. Spanish students are also offered the chance to take a trip to Mexico during the summer.”

The Year Book and Journalism classes also worked to inform the Osawatomie student body and the community about the educational efforts at Osawatomie High School in 1987, and Red White and You reported, “Year Book and Journalism both work against deadlines. The students in this class learn the responsibility of working with school publications.”

Osawatomie High School’s speech classes taught students the vital skills associated with public speaking. Red White and You reported “Speech class teaches OHS students the basics on public speaking. Mr. Martin requires different types of speeches thorough out the year. The basic skills learned include preparation and delivery.”

Language Arts Classes teach students how to effectively communicate with others, which was vital in 1987, and still is today. Communication takes many forms, including the written and spoken word. No matter what the discipline student’s study, if an individual cannot effectively communicate that information to others, all of the knowledge gleaned from a student’s study is for naught, for knowledge is useless unless it is shared with others.

The ability to communicate effectively is a vital part of everyday life on the job and in daily life, and communications skills are mandatory for any occupation or activity in life that involves working with others. Literature classes offer moral lessons and teach students how to critically analyze problems by considering the motivations of characters in literary works and how the characters in books and stories interact with other characters. Osawatomie High School language arts teachers work hard to teach their students vital communication and reasoning skills, and we owe them a debt of gratitude and respect.


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