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One day four men were arguing about politics. Every time that a topic would be brought up, it eventually ended up where three would agree and argue against the fourth. Try as he could, the forth man could never prevail against the “three against one, we’re right” argument.

After they had argued for several minutes over a particularly controversial topic, the fourth man decided to ask God for help.

“God,” he said, “if I am right, please send a sign!”

At that moment, a cloud drifted across the sky, and hovered for a moment over the man’s head, and then disappeared.

“See?” said the man, “I’m right, God has proven it!”

The other three men laughed and said that the cloud meant nothing. They stuck to the “three against one, we win” argument.

So the fourth man cried out again, “Oh lord, please send a SURE sign, that these men may know I am right.”

This time a LARGE BLACK cloud drifted over the men and a bolt of lightning struck nearby.

The man said, confidently, “There! That PROVES I’m right!!!”

The three rubbed their chins and said “That could happen to anyone. It changes nothing. It’s still three against one, we win.”

Finally, the fourth man fell to his knees and called out “Please send a SURE UNMISTAKABLE sign, that these my men cannot deny!”

This time the sky filled with clouds, except for a small hole, which shone a beam of radiant sunlight on the man’s faces. A dove descended from the clouds and landed on the man’s shoulder, and a loud booming voice was heard from saying “HE’S RIGHT!!!” And then, as quickly as the clouds had gathered, they dispersed, and left a beautiful clear sky, with a brilliant rainbow framing the man.


The other three men paused and thought. They glanced around, and finally one said

“Ok, so… it’s three to TWO…”


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