For Josh

This poem is in regards to the Occupy Cal Protest on Nov. 9, 2011, at U.C. Berkley during which many students and professors were beaten by police.


Ten years ago

Josh Anderson bore witness

to my deepest shame

when he called out to me

while I was quickly pushing my baby stroller

away from the homeless.

So intent on pretending not to see

that I didn’t see him just sitting there

among  the rejected

respecting the humanity of others.


Ten days ago

Josh Anderson bore witness

to our nation’s deepest shame

when as a graduate student

at U.C. Berkley, he called out

to the Board of Regents

and the Riot Police could only see

a  mob, and they beat him until

he could not get up,

for peacefully protesting an 81% tuition increase.


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