The Importance of Education

By Israel Gulley

As an eighth grader with a lot of life ahead of me, I want to know that getting an education will affect my future and that it is not a waste of time. When I went to see Barack Obama last Tuesday, I learned that he does care about education. He said that it is stupid that we are laying off teachers when the highest amount of people getting laid of are without a high school education. We need more teachers. He said that he would try to get more teachers hired so that more students could get through high school.

He also wants to focus resources on innovation and technology. His plan seems like it should work. If more Americans are working on technology and innovations wouldn’t that make it so that more jobs are needed so less people will be unemployed? Then those jobs would create jobs for others and the cycle would continue.

As an eighth grade student I want to know that what I do and what I will do matters. From what I heard on Tuesday, December 6 I know that it does matter, regardless of him being Demarcate or Republican the fact that our leader cares about education gives me hope for my future and the future of the United States.

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