Farley Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:

In my profession there are at least three important skills: 1) listening; 2) analyzing; and 3) working hard. From what I have listened to, I really cannot tell you why we need Ordinance 13. There have been so many reasons put forth I am reminded of the “spaghetti analogy.” Throw the spaghetti to the wall and see what sticks. In my mind nothing has really “stuck” to require a new utility bill for the citizens of Osawatomie.

From my analysis, I see a few things. If the Mayor and Council wanted a nominal maximum fee, why wasn’t it set? Ordinance 13 has no maximum fee. It can be as high as they want. If the Mayor and Council needed funds for just a few projects, why didn’t Ordinance 13 have a “sunset provision”— in other words an expiration date? Ordinance 13’s new utility has no expiration date.

Has the Council worked hard to earn your favorable vote? Ordinance 13 had minimal discussion and no community outreach by the Council. Ordinance 13 is a rehash of Ordinance 12. Voters rejected Ordinance 12 by an overwhelming majority (just a couple of years back). No new work by the Mayor and Council and no additional effort.

When the Council voted on Ordinance 13, I did not take my “no” vote lightly. I listened to the others on the Council, but I heard nothing persuasive. I analyzed the information provided, but nothing convinced me. Finally, have the Mayor and Council done the “hard work” to earn an affirmative vote this time around? In my assessment, they have not.

John A. Farley

Ward 2 Councilmember

Osawatomie, Kansas

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