My New Year Resolution In Dream Form

By Jeremy Gulley

My New Year resolution was simply said but difficult to practice: I decided to try to give people a break and not let what they do affect what I do or how I feel. I decided to let people be who they are and not project my own opinions on them. In other words, I decided to chill out.

As I’ve been struggling (yes, struggling) to implement my resolution, I have found it more difficult than I expected. I realized that I hold on to wrongs done to me by other people, and it causes issues with forgiveness.

Last week I had a dream. In my dream, I was at the library listening to an author speak. The author held up a book of fables and read this story:

Once upon a time there was a party and everyone was crowded around getting ready to eat. Food lined the tables, the smells and sights made everyone anxious and excited. One of the party attendees was little boy about nine years old. He was equally enthusiastic about the festivities, if not more so. But before everyone could eat, there was one more tradition.

On the table were two sets of dishes, one with more pieces than the other one. Before dinner, the boy was taken outside where one of the dishes was smashed on the ground in front of him. Then someone reminded him that they had to buy new dishes because he had, years before, broken a piece that was not replaceable. Then everyone went back in to the house and ate, but the boy’s excitement dimmed and the party turned sour for him. Every year, the same thing happened – the smashed dish serving as a reminder that he had, long ago, made a mistake.

In my dream, the author then began to tell the moral of the story – but then I awoke.

The moral, however, isn’t difficult to find, even though it wasn’t included in my dream.

My New Year resolution was to chill out. Put another way, my New Year resolution was to quit breaking dishes in front of people.

Now that I have a tangible illustration of what I’m doing, perhaps it will help me to help people let past mistakes stay in the past. Reminding someone of how they have hurt or wronged me in the past, or of a mistake they made is the issue, that’s the sound of breaking dishes.

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