Walking With A New Attitude

By Jeff Gulley

Saturday I went on a hike at Hillsdale Lake.

It was a beautiful morning, snow still covered the ground as we began walking on one of the trails that surround the lake.

With my daughters out of town for the weekend, it was just me, Stacie and the boys along with Jeremy and his family. This was not an easy choice for me. I really didn’t want to go to tell you the truth. Hiking has never been a passion, especially up and down hills. I have never been a big outdoors person but on this morning I really enjoyed the outside.

I walked slowly which was good because my 3-year-old Anderson was in no hurry. Uncle Jeremy found him a walking stick which slowed us down even more. Everytime there was an untouched patch of snow, Anderson bent down with his stick to draw. “This one’s an astronaut,” he said. Then it was the planet Mars. My 10-year-old son Aaron and his cousins were way ahead, out of sight. The adults walked slowly to accommodate Anderson and his Dad. Jeremy wanted to carry Anderson but he would have none of that. “I can do it,” he kept saying. “I’m coming.”

I waited with him as he drew a hand in the snow. Then, when I accidently stepped on part of it, he had to draw it again.

Our slow walk ended with a hill. It just about killed me but I made it. Anderson walked along happily, telling us again he was okay and he was coming.

In all it was a great morning. A morning I’m glad I didn’t miss because I was sitting on the couch watching basketball.

I can’t remember ever making a New Year’s resolution.

It’s not that I am against the practice, it just never really did anything for me. But my Dad’s passing has caused me to think a little differently about my life, what is important and what kind of person I am.

Saturday I made a memory with my son. I was so proud of the way we he kept going and what a great attitude he had.

Last week my brother began planning a 5K/10K race in memory of our Dad and to benefit the Miami County Cancer Foundation. It’s my intention to participate in that race.

It’s not a resolution; its a challenge to me to take control of some things in my life and live it to the fullest.

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