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Last Place

by Beth Gulley   Volunteers had already started cleaning up when my son, Israel, finished swimming the 800 meter freestyle last Friday night. By most people’s standards last place is a terrible spot to end up, but Israel took four minutes off of his previous time. In fact, if there was a prize for the [...]

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Arthur Shufflebarger Passing

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Kevin Gray   On a trip to Wichita last Friday with Diane’s parents to spend the day visiting family, the mother-daughter conversation had covered the “what’s going on “ norm on the drive from Atchison, but nearing Nortonville, Diane’s mom asked, “Have you heard? Arthur Shufflebarger died. He was 60.”   The minute I heard [...]

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Thank You

by Beth Gulley A few days after Mother’s Day, I got a card in the mail. It was a thank you note from my mom for the steak dinner we made her on Mother’s Day. It occurred to me that my mom and my friend Amanda are good at writing thank you notes to people, [...]

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by Beth Gulley This week I am preparing to return to school for the summer term. As I have anxiously thought about meeting 50 new people, I have been reflecting on the 10 touchstones from Formation, an educational philosophy advanced by Parker Palmer. The touchstones have helped calm my fears, and helped me to think [...]

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There’s No Way We Can Lose

By Jeremy Gulley As is the case with the subject of many of my last columns, this week I was struck by the comparison of two different and opposing events. Where last week I compared the loud boasting of inconsequential actions by Facebook to the unheralded actions of Nicholas Winton, this week I couldn’t help [...]

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Moving On

By Jeremy Gulley This week I was reminded of a situation where I was wrong. Twelve or so years ago I left a company the wrong way. I had worked at this organization for seven or eight years, and was leaving so that I could make more money and better support my growing family. I [...]

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Do No Harm Is Not Enough

By Jeremy Gulley Facebook went public this week, making a lot of people very wealthy. Their business is worth billions of dollars, and their success has been celebrated very publically this week. Congratulations to them. In contrast to news of Facebook’s amazing success, this week I also stumbled upon the story of Sir Nicholas Winton. [...]

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Otros Lenguajes

By Jeremy Gulley La semana pasada dos personas me dijeron que sólo debemos hablar inglés en Estados Unidos. No estoy de acuerdo. Creo que todos en Estados Unidos deben tratar de hablar inglés porque la mayoría de la gente habla inglés en Estados Unidos y es más fácil vivir aquí si lo hace. Eso no [...]

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There Will Be McDonald’s in Heaven

By Jeremy Gulley Several years ago my family traveled to the Philippines. Though we enjoyed the experience, the food left a lot to be desired. We tried hard, but really did not enjoy much of anything. Then, one day, we found a McDonald’s. Unfortunately, what should have been an oasis turned into another part of [...]

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(Non)Freedom of Saving Time

By Jeremy Gulley We all like to think of ourselves as free people, able to make choices for ourselves – we want to see ourselves as masters of our own lives. In fact, our country is bound up in ideas of freedom, liberty, and the right to choose for ourselves what is best. Yet, despite [...]

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