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Spirituality And Union Soldiers

Sick or wounded Union soldiers largely clung to spiritual solace when they were hospitalized . Reverend Samuel Adair served in the Union Army as a chaplain, and was stationed at Fort Scott, Kansas in October of 1862. He reported in a letter to Bro. Brown on the conditions in the Army hospital at Fort Scott [...]

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Genealogy Workshop Set For Saturday in Parker

A genealogy and membership workshop will be conducted Saturday in the Parker Elementary School, 421 N. Center Ave. Hours for the workshop are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The workshop, which is open to the public, is being sponsored by the Marais des Cygne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Kansas [...]

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Council Approves Contract For Library Phase II Design

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By Kevin Gray With only three unfinished business items on the agenda last Wednesday, it seemed the Osawatomie City Council meeting would be quickly over. But this was not the case. The main discussion centered on approving the contract with SFS Architecture Inc. for Phase II addition to the Osawatomie Public Library. Council members simply [...]

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Local Man Killed, Passenger Injured In Crash

By Jeff Gulley An Osawatomie man was killed Monday night and a woman is in critical condition following a motorcycle crash Monday evening south of Osawatomie. According to a news release, 28-year-old Dustin Eaks and a female passenger crashed and were ejected from a motorcycle Monday on Old Kansas City Road and West 355th Street. [...]

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It’s Spring In Kansas

By Katie McDougal The green rolling pastures around our rural Kansas neighborhood are filled with baby calves sleeping contented under the watchful eyes of their mothers. The air is filled with the sounds of birds calling to one another, while others are floating high in the sky. Gardens are being planted and lots of flowers [...]

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Down Through the Years — May 11, 2011

By Shirley Erickson 100 Years Ago The Wilson-Brown Studio of this city is now locating a branch studio in Lane. The firm is now operating three well equipped studios in Osawatomie, Lane and Parker. The Osawatomie studio is headquarters and all the finishing for their branch studios will be done here. The Lane Band entertained [...]

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The Rocking Horse Record

A rocking horse sits on my front porch. His matted mane has worn off on one side. White plastic shows through the once black saddle. Recently he has begun to resemble the Skin Horse from the children’s classic The Velveteen Rabbit. This Mother’s Day the horse reminded me of three things. 1) My children have [...]

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For the Birds

I have a bunch of plants on my back porch that grow like crazy. They are hard to manage, vine-like entities that, if left untended, take over everything. When they first started growing, I stressed about them endlessly. I trimmed, cut, pruned, dug up, and whatever else I could think of to keep them at [...]

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William Quantrill’s Turn To The Proslavery Cause In 1860

William Quantrill betrayed four associates of Eli Snyder, an Osawatomie blacksmith and cohort of John Brown, in December of 1860 to convince proslavery forces that his desire to serve the proslavery cause was genuine. Quantrill had to do this because he was known in the area as a Free State advocate and proslavery forces had [...]

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Jamboree Week Shaping Up

By Jeff Gulley The John Brown Jamboree is a month away and plans are almost set for four-day festival. Toby’s Carnival is back this year and will open on Wednesday, June 15. The annual Jamboree parade on June 16 will honor the 150th anniversary of Kansas. The best-themed float will win $200, with $100 for [...]

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