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Did you see that game?

By Jeremy Gulley I have tried hard over the years to try and get my youngest son to watch sports. I have not pushed him to play sports or like sports, but I have tried to get him to appreciate sports. Mostly, he isn’t interested. He is the kid with the big imagination that doesn’t [...]

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Me and a Talking Frog

By Jeremy Gulley When I say I feel like I’m getting old, I know many people, those older than me for example, will laugh and say I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I do know what I’m talking about. I feel like I’m getting old. My hair is going away, many of [...]

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New Shoes

By Jeremy Gulley I am quite fond of my boots. I wear them for most of my walking around time. They are comfortable, both physically and mentally – I am used to how they feel and I’d rather wear them than anything else. So far, they’ve been to Mexico, Ecuador, and about 16 States including [...]

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There is No Substitute for Hard Work

By Jeremy Gulley In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell claims that the trick to being successful is not to just work hard, but to work really hard. He states that successful people don’t work harder than other people, they work “much, much, much harder than most people.” This is not good news for us if [...]

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Modesty Doesn’t Keep Us Safe

In the Muslim tradition the hijab, or head scarf, is supposed to show modesty and offer protection in public space. Modesty is a virtue in the Christian and Jewish traditions, too. In fact, in the last few weeks we have been surrounded by images of the Virgin Mary wearing a head covering. The Virgin Mary, [...]

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On Liberty of Opinions

By Jeremy Gulley Since President Obama’s speech in Osawatomie on December 6th, I have received many emails and heard many opinions from people on both sides of the political spectrum. It seems that everyone has something to say about the President’s visit and the ideas he presented, and find it necessary to share that opinion [...]

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The Importance of Education

By Israel Gulley As an eighth grader with a lot of life ahead of me, I want to know that getting an education will affect my future and that it is not a waste of time. When I went to see Barack Obama last Tuesday, I learned that he does care about education. He said [...]

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For Josh

This poem is in regards to the Occupy Cal Protest on Nov. 9, 2011, at U.C. Berkley during which many students and professors were beaten by police.   Ten years ago Josh Anderson bore witness to my deepest shame when he called out to me while I was quickly pushing my baby stroller away from [...]

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My Political Opinions

One day four men were arguing about politics. Every time that a topic would be brought up, it eventually ended up where three would agree and argue against the fourth. Try as he could, the forth man could never prevail against the “three against one, we’re right” argument. After they had argued for several minutes [...]

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Why Osawatomie? This Is Where It Started!

Where Osawatomie High School stands, John Brown Memorial Park spreads out around the John Brown Cabin and Museum Historical Site, and a battle once raged between Free Staters and Pro Slavers on Aug. 30, 1856, history has come full circle. On Aug. 31, 1910, President Theodore Roosevelt spoke to an audience of 30,000 in his [...]

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